Just over three weeks ago, news broke that Danny Boyle and Alex Garland were back in the saddle for 28 Years Later, the second follow-up to their zombie / not-zombie apocalypse thriller. The first movie was the breakout for Cillian Murphy.

Several studios were locked in a bidding war for the rights to the project. The film would revive the 28 Days Later franchise and was said to be the kicking-off point for a potential new trilogy. Boyle will direct the first movie, with Garland writing all three. Each film is tipped to have a $60 million budget.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Sony won the bidding war for the rights. One of those they beat was Warner Bros. Pictures. The report says the package includes guaranteed theatrical release. This is something I am sure we will be seeing more and more of in packages up for bidding.

Sitting on an Oscar nomination for Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy will return as an Executive Producer, but the report also says this might be because he will also appear in the movie. No other plot details are known.

The report also says that the reason Boyle went with Sony is due to studio head Tom Rothman. He founded Fox Searchlight in the 1990s and then worked with Boyle on eight films, including The Beach, Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire. Their relationship won through.

The Zombie / Not-Zombie debate rages on, but whatever they are, they led to the more mobile zombies we see in some modern movies, rather than the slow, shuffling threat of Romero and Italian splatter. For better or for worse.

No release date is yet known for 28 Years Later.

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