The 1972 classic TV series Kung Fu starred David Carradine and is responsible for everything from several continuation attempts, to just about everything in Kill Bill. The original ABC series featured a master martial artist who fled China after his master was murdered.

A peaceful man until provoked, he wanders the Old West helping the downtrodden and dealing with both racism and assassins trying to kill him. There was a movie, and three further spin-off shows, the most recent of which was on The CW from 2021, cancelled after three seasons.

A feature film adaptation has been bubbling up at 87North and Universal Pictures. David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Stephen L’Hereaux, and Guy Danella are producing. Deadpool 2 and Bullet Train director Leitch is in the frame to direct.

Leitch has been involved in John Wick since the start, and is turning to a John Wick Chapter 4 star to play the lead – Donnie Yen.

Stephen Chin (War Dogs) has written the screenplay. Original Kung Fu series creator Ed Spielman will get an executive producer credit.

Yen’s profile globally, especially in Asia, will be seen as a boost to this project and likely to push it forward quickly.

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