Marvel Comics has announced “Aliens: What If…?,” a new comic book series starting March 6th offering an alternate take on the events from “Aliens”.

Hans Rodionoff, Brian Volk-Weiss and Adam F. Goldberg write the comic and Guiu Vilanova illustrates the five-issue run which will follow the possibility of the slimy company man Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) having survived the events of “Aliens”.

The film seemingly suggested that the character was killed or captured by a xenomorph whilst separated from everyone else. He either perished then and there or did so minutes later in the nuclear explosion that wiped out Hadley’s Hope on LV-426.

According to Marvel, Reiser himself and his son, Leon, were involved with the creation of this new story. It would mark the first time the franchise has, front and center, explored alternate timelines even as the overall continuity of the films and other media doesn’t match up without alternate timelines being taken into account.

Marvel Comics introduced the “What If…?” in 1977 and more recently has turned the concept into a well-received animated anthology series involving Marvel characters. There have been hints recently the concept may stretch to other Disney properties with a “Star Wars” one potentially next.

The “Alien” franchise meanwhile is about to get very busy with Fede Álvarez’s “Alien: Romulus” film due in August, whilst a new and potentially multiple season-long “Alien” series from FX is currently in the works with a likely 2025 premiere.


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