Samuel L. Jackson says he’d be up for a Disney+ series about his Mace Windu character from the prequels.

Jackson appeared across the three films of the prequels, though was last seen apparently being executed by Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) – electrocuted to the point of being flung out of the Emperor’s office into the Coruscant night.

As far as the lore is concerned, he’s dead – even if we never saw the body. Now Jackson, speaking with Empire for the 25th anniversary issue for the prequels, says he’s ready for the character to get his long-awaited return and tells the outlet: “He’s not dead!!”.

Asked about a potential Mace Windu Disney+ series, he says: “Everything yes!”. Whether Disney and Lucasfilm would pursue such an idea isn’t clear.

Right now, the “Star Wars” Disney+ pipeline is full of product that’s already shot including “The Acolyte,” “Skeleton Crew” and the second season of “Andor”.

A second of “Ahsoka” and a season of “Lando” are in development, but beyond that, no other live-action series have been announced.

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