Reacher season 2 wrapped up on Friday night. It seemed to pass quickly, after such a long wait. The first season was a big hit with just about everyone. The second season also received good notices, but there was some criticism from fans.

Firstly, the move to a weekly release schedule seemed to rob the story of some of its momentum. The first season was a binge-watching triumph that demanded the use of the “next” button. Forced to wait from week to week, it disrupted the pace.


Secondly, many felt that it was too early in the run to introduce one of the few novels where Reacher is paired with a team, and that gives so much of his backstory. Also, a story that spent a lot of time in big cities, with government conspiracy angles. Reacher is held to work best as a lone Ronin-type who blows into middle-American towns like a force of nature.

All eyes are now on the third series that is already in production. Reacher lead Alan Ritchson previously hinted that it will be more a standalone title, free of the deeper backstory and extended team. Gone Tomorrow and Without Fail have been mentioned by fans. In an interview with The Messenger, Reacher author Lee Child also mentioned this approach:

“We’ve picked it up, it’s chosen. It’s a good choice, I gotta say. I think we’ve been very creative about how we’ve sequenced the type of story.

We felt we needed a book that was more Reacher alone for the third season. And so it was a question of which story would work best for that, and which one would have a great opening scene and all that, and we found one that we loved.”

Reacher still sends all the right people into a spin, with even The Atlantic bemoaning its “…ridiculous allure…” We just hope Amazon listens and returns to the single release, binge watch format for next time around.

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