When the first mini-series of True Detective came out you would have been hard-pressed to find someone that didn’t agree that it was the most perfect TV series ever made. I still maintain that. Season two was a complete mess that was nearly unwatchable. Season 3 was a meandering snoozefest.

I was really hoping that they might right the ship with the new season. Teasers showed us references to the first season and that it was set in Alaska during the weeks of no sun, starring Jodi Foster. OK, I am down for that.

The story starts off at a research station much like The Thing. We get some heavy vibes from that movie. That is a good sign. Something weird happens and the entire crew vanish.  Then,,, God help us, we cut to Big Bad Girl Boss Cop Of Color beating up a man two heads taller than her and putting him on the ground cause she is a Big Bad Girl Boss Cop Of Color and he is a wife beater.

Immediately, the woke starts to flow. We see the plight of the indigenous Alaskans, a lecture about an oil well, a lecture about how no one cared about a dead Eskimo woman cause she ain’t white, the compulsory large number of mixed-race couples, native spirit visions and wisdom. The full roster. Then, to it off and really push us over the edge, an Eskimo lesbian girl is caught by her cop Mom having made a sex tape with an  underage girl. We normalizing everything now, boys!

Do I need to go on or have you had enough?

The one upside is the new season seems to be indicating a more supernatural element to the killer. The first season had occult and Lovecraftian elements, but didn’t lean into it very much. I have been curious how a True Detective series would go if it were blatantly supernatural horror. I don’t know if I have the willpower to suffer so much of “The Message” to find out though.

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