If the budget for car is huge, then the budget for fambly is off the scale. If you are saving the world with the twin superpowers of both car and fambly, then the budget is an astonishing $340 million. That was the budget for Fast X. All that money and they still couldn’t afford anyone who understood physics!

It seems even Fast And Furious can get too big, and Universal has ordered a more realistic approach to eh franchise finale, Fast 11.

Online scooper The InSneider has reported that Universal is putting its foot down over the runaway budget and has set an upper limit of a mere $200 million. Remember, the first movie ever to have a budget of $100 million was True Lies in 1994.

Look how young they all are!


This means the movie will have less location work, feature less globe-hopping, and will likely focus on a single mission or heist.

This also raises the possibility that expensive co-stars like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, along with Jason Momoa as villain Dante Reyes, may have their storylines concluded in another Hobbs and Shaw spin-off rather than the main movie.

Gal Gadot was last seen sailing away on a submarine with Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez, possibly to have underwater pillow fights in their underwear to keep warm under that arctic ice.

Fast X had a cliffhanger ending that saw almost the entire team either in imminent peril… or worse. Could some of them be chopped out as part of austerity measures? A $714.6 million worldwide take was not enough to turn a profit on what was, until then, Universal’s sure-fire moneymaker.

Fast 11 is still targeting an April 4th 2025 release, but has to start shooting soon to hit that. Has it even been greenlit until the budget has been agreed?

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