Along with confirming that “The Orville” isn’t cancelled yet, “Family Guy” creator/voice star Seth MacFarlane recently offered an update on how the proposed “The Naked Gun” reboot is going.

Paramount Pictures gave the go-ahead for a reboot of the famed Leslie Nielsen-led franchise back in late 2022, with Liam Neeson in negotiations to star and MacFarlane producing.

“Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers” writers Dan Gregor and Doug Mand have closed a deal to reunite with that film’s director Akiva Schaffer on the project with Neeson rumored to be playing the son of Nielsen’s character Lt. Frank Drebin.

Speaking with Collider to promote the launch of the “Ted” prequel series, MacFarlane says the strikes didn’t sink the project and its still actively being worked on:

“It’s being worked on as we speak. Akiva Schaffer, who’s written the draft with his team, has done a hell of a job, and it is in development. So, it is still very much alive.”

The project has been in the works on and off for years, but seems to have gained new steam in the past eighteen months once Schaffer boarded.

MacFarlane’s “Ted” series is set to premiere on Peacock on January 11th.

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