Michael Mann began the switch to digital with scenes in 2001’s “Ali” before going fully digital in 2004 with “Collateral” – and never looking back since.

The results are movies like “Public Enemies,” “Miami Vice” and “Blackhat” which are visually often uglier and have a more documentary-style appearance than the classic filmmaking looks of his 1990s films like “The Last of the Mohicans,” “Heat” and “The Insider”.

In a new post on X by filmmaker Travis Woods, he reveals that Mann is considering returning to shooting on film for his upcoming prequel/sequel to “Heat” which is expected to be his next project.

The news reportedly comes from Mann himself during a post-screening Q&A he did recently at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles.

As one user pointed out, Mann previously teased such a possibility of returning to celluloid with his “Ferrari” film a few years back – only for it to not happen.

Whether it will happen, we’ll have to wait and see. Casting for the movie has yet to be announced, even as Adam Driver’s name has been rumored for some time, and no release date is yet locked.

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