It’s January. It is still cold and wet in the Northern Hemisphere, or punishingly hot down under, only now you don’t have Christmas to look forward to. Just drudgery until the evenings lighten up and you get paid again. No wonder that divorce rates in January go through the roof. It’s enough to make anyone moody and argumentative. So let Last Movie Outpost be your outlet, and save on those lawyers’ fees. Argue with your fellow Outposters instead, they can take it! Today we are talking about remakes.

“February is even worse, it’s not even a real month!”


Are remakes always a bad thing? The Thing, True Grit, Scarface, The Departed, Cape Fear… these are all remakes that could be argued to be better than their original versions. Then again, there’s Point Break and Red Dawn to balance them out. Today’s debate is incredibly simple. Answer this:

What is the worst movie remake of all time?

Rollerball, Get Carter, A Nightmare On Elm Street… oh my God… there’s too many of them! Let the debate commence, and remember to wipe your feet on the way out.

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