“Star Trek: Prodigy” moved to its new home on Netflix at Christmas with the first season launching there after previously releasing in June on the Paramount+ service.

Netflix will release the show’s unaired second season sometime in 2024, but what about beyond that? It’s possible according to writers and executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman.

The pair have continued doing interviews for the show’s recent relaunch on the biggest of streaming services and most recently popped up on an episode of Virtual Trek Con’s Star Trek and Chill podcast (via ComicBook.com).

The pair confirm the second season will bring closure to story threads that began in the first season, but also leaves the door just a crack open. Dan Hageman says:

“The end of season 1 we think is great. End of season 2 is equally great, and it has this place where it feels like it wraps up. It really wraps everything you want out of Seasons 1 and 2, but really opens the door to what Season 3 potentially could be. Whether that hits now, or in five years, or whenever the time is right, it’ll feel natural, which I’m really happy about.”

Kevin Hageman then adds that the show’s second season offers a “satisfying conclusion” if it ends up being the final season of the series:

“Dan’s saying, worst case scenario, we never get picked up again, there’s no more Star Trek: Prodigy ever, we feel like the end of Season 2 is a really beautiful closing. It’ll feel complete. But there’s still… what we do is there’s a great little promise of something.”

Should an order come through for more, it’ll take time as Dan Hageman says it would take a minimum of two years, more likely three before the episodes air from the point at which the order for them comes through.

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