One of the more underrated video games of the past decade is “Mad Max,” the 2015 open-world title set within George Miller’s universe and which hails from “Just Cause” creators Avalance Studios.

Controversy over the accents used in the game aside, the title saw you playing Max Rockatansky as he and a hunchback mechanic named Chumbucket build the vehicle ‘Magnum Opus’ from scavenged parts in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

He also does battle with a gang of raiders led by the bluntly named Scabrous Scrotus. Though not based on the film series, it was inspired by its universe with Miller himself reportedly consulted during the game’s pre-production.

Meanwhile, the new “Mad Max: Fury Road” prequel film “Furiosa” arrives in cinemas in May, and recently long-time online film writer Drew McWeeny has revealed he’s read the script for “Furiosa” – one “packed with illustrations and storyboards”.

One big takeaway he says on Twitter is that the notes in the script make it clear the “Mad Max” video game is canon.

In fact, he says: “The game, FURY ROAD, and FURIOSA are a more tightly-woven continuity than anything in the other three films.” There’s also the tease that Chumbucket will be seen in live-action form.

Back in 2008, “God of War II” game director Cory Barlog was collaborating with Miller on a video game tie-in for a “Mad Max” animated film. That game was never heard from again, but Miller had a ton of notes/scripts along with fleshed-out lore which he went on to use in both “Fury Road” and the upcoming “Furiosa”.

Balrog was very familiar with all that lore and was confirmed to have been a consultant for Avalanche in 2010, leaving in 2012 to work at Crystal Dynamics. Miller also consulted on the game “super early on just to give us the understanding of his world” design director Magnus Nedfors told Games Radar.

Whilst the game’s designers were able to create their “own game work, own game characters, our own story” says Nedfors, those who have played it may get some extra enjoyment and understanding out of “Furiosa” thanks to some foreknowledge of the world building in the film.

The “Mad Max” game is widely available now. “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” premieres in cinemas on May 24th.

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