About this time last year, we nearly lost Jeremy Renner. He had been out using his own personal snowplow to clear the roads around his Nevada home. He was outside the plow when something went wrong.

He was run over by the 14,330 pounds (6,500 kg) snowcat, suffering blunt chest trauma and 30 broken bones. He was lucky that his neighbor was a doctor and could administer first aid. He was emergency airlifted by helicopter to Renown Regional Medical Center, the only major trauma center in the region.

Renner underwent emergency surgery and remained in the intensive care unit in critical condition for several days. Within ten weeks, Renner was beginning to walk with the aid of a cane. The doctors said his survival and recovery were down to him being in good shape, with high levels of health and fitness.

Now, around a year later, Renner is returning to work on the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown. Co-star Emma Laird shared an Instagram story featuring a photo of Laird with Renner from a prior season and the caption:

“It’s happening, back with my favourite guy next week.”

The series is yet another Taylor Sheridan project and was officially renewed in September. It tells the story of Mike McLuskey, a former inmate and shot-caller, who is thrust into a position of power within his influential family that owns prisons. Kyle Chandler plays his older brother, Taylor Handley his younger brother, and Dianne Wiest plays their mother.

The second season of Mayor Of Kingstown saw Mike slowly losing control of everything that his family has built, forced to resort to desperate measures to gain back power and control.

Renner’s accident came after he had completed filming on the third season. There has been no official announcement from the producers yet, but if the cast says it is happening, then it is happening.

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