A new report at True Achievements is drawing some interest in gaming circles – the outlet claims that they’ve crunched some numbers in regards to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

They say the total value of all the games that were added to Game Pass (at full price) in 2023 stands at $8763 U.S. dollars.

That means if you had bought every game that came to Xbox Game Pass in 2023 at full price, it would cost that much instead of the cheaper annual subscription fee.

Rather quickly, threads on Reddit have poked multiple holes in the analysis. Some point out the obvious – no-one would play, let alone buy at full price, every single game added to the service in a year if Game Pass weren’t available.

Some add the obvious flaw of the study’s failure to release a ‘net value’ price after deducting the full sale price of all the games that have been removed from Game Pass over the course of the year. There also isn’t a comparison of rival service PlayStation Plus.

Microsoft hasn’t been reporting Game Pass subscriber numbers for nearly two years, the number last officially stated was back in January 2022 with 25 million. Unofficially in September this year it was hinted, but not confirmed, to be around 30 million.

Not yet revealed by Microsoft is how many have been ‘added’ to the subscriber count with the transition of Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core. Despite the deafening silence, Microsoft is on track for a strong 2024 in terms of new game titles with “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2,” “Avowed,” “STALKER 2” and a new version of “Flight Simulator” on the way.

Source: True Achievements

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