Out promoting Michael Mann’s “Ferrari,” actor Adam Driver is talking up the racing drama and touching upon other works in his career in various interviews.

The topic of “Star Wars” came up whilst chatting with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes on the Smartless podcast. Driver starred in the three sequel trilogy films as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren with his character killed off at the end of “Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker”.

After years of being stalled, the “Star Wars” films are getting back into gear with several in the works – including the unofficially titled “Star Wars: New Jedi Order” which sees Daisy Ridley return in a story set years after the sequel trilogy. Other films are also on the way set at different points in the timeline.

Asked if he’s a part of any upcoming “Star Wars” works, be it in flashback or Force ghost form, Driver says: “They’re doing stuff, but not with me. I’m not doing any more [films]”. He was then asked: “You’re done because the character’s done?” which he confirmed was the csase.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy will direct and Steven Knight will pen ‘New Jedi Order’ which is expected to begin shooting sometime next year for a 2026 release.

Also on the way are films from directors Shawn Levy, James Mangold and Dave Filoni. Disney has already set aside dates of May 22nd 2026, December 18th 2026 and December 17th 2027 for three “Star Wars” films.

Source: Smartless

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