After recent years of struggles, Pixar is going back to the safe territory of sequels in the near future with “Inside Out 2” on the way and a fifth “Toy Story” in the works.

Now a new video interview has yielded the news that Pixar is working on another “Cars” film. Jay Ward, the ‘creative director for franchise’ at Pixar Animation Studio, popped up at the 2023 Porsche Rennsport Reunion Event where he was interviewed by The Late Brake Show.

During the conversation, the episode’s host Jonny Smith asked Ward about more Cars projects to which he responded that they were working on something, but the public probably won’t see it for a couple of years:

“There are more Cars things brewing, I can’t say much more yet. Cars has got a life that will keep going. I am working on some real fun projects right now that you will see in a couple of years. It takes us a while to make them.”

Whatever comes out will join other sequels in the works with Disney Animation also working on a third “Frozen” and a second “Zootopia” as well.

The “Cars” films were among the worst critically received Pixar films by far, “Cars 2” in particular is the only Pixar film dubbed ‘Rotten’ on Rotten Tomatoes to date with just a 40% approval rating – “Cars 3” is second worst at 69% and the first film at 75% was third worst for years until recent flops “Lightyear” (74%) and “Elemental” (73%).

Nonetheless, the films have been highly profitable – making $1.4 billion at the box office, but more importantly to Disney – many more billions in merchandise.

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