First reported by The Digital Bits and subsequently confirmed by another source, it has been revealed that the planned 4K Ultra HD disc release of James Cameron’s “The Abyss” has been cancelled in the UK.

The reasoning has been due to one scene in the film – the scene in which a rat is breathing ‘oxygenated fluid’. UK censors reportedly asked for the scene to be cut as the country has strict censorship laws regarding depictions of animal cruelty.

Disney reportedly wanted to comply with their request, but Cameron’s Lightstorm company was said to have vetoed it.

It’s not new for the film as the scene was previously cut out of the UK version years ago following a ruling by the British Board of Film Classification. Whilst said edit was previously allowed, Cameron and Lightstorm aren’t allowing it with this release.

The result is UK fans of the film are likely going to have to import the movie from the U.S., putting them in a similar boat to Australian fans who will have to do so as Disney stopped physical media releases there this year.

Work on the 4K Ultra HD disc release of “The Abyss” is apparently still ongoing which might partly explain why the digital version of the special edition remains frustratingly HD.

Source: The Digital Bits

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