Earlier this year came “Redfall,” Bethesda’s vampire-themed, co-op play, open-world looter/shooter which was plagued by a number of technical issues along with plenty of poor reviews.

What was meant to be Xbox’s big early exclusive of 2023 launched in such a poor state that Microsoft’s head of gaming and Xbox chief Phil Spencer offered a public apology over the title.

Bethesda has previously said it is sticking with the game in the hopes of turning it into a good one, but even retailers seem to have given up on it judging by the sales.

A listing on GameStop for the game today is offering a massive discount, reducing the title’s price to just $4.37 rather than the RRP $69.99. It’s not clear how long the deal will remain in place.

Despite being freely available through Xbox Game Pass, the title has reportedly failed to maintain an active player base even as updates for the title have rolled out.

On Steam, the title has picked up a bit. It hit a peak player count of 1,560 in May, fell to just 48 in September, and has clawed its way back up to 181 as of November.

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