Xbox’s “Redfall” Selling For Under $5

Earlier this year came “Redfall,” Bethesda’s vampire-themed, co-op play, open-world looter/shooter which was plagued by a number of technical issues along with plenty of poor reviews. What was meant to be Xbox’s big early exclusive of 2023 launched in such a poor state that Microsoft’s head of gaming and Xbox

Derrickson Confirmed For “Black Phone 2”

“Sinister” and “Doctor Strange” filmmaker Scott Derrickson had great success with his critically acclaimed 2022 horror thriller “The Black Phone”. The movie saw Mason Thames playing a young teenager abducted by a child killer in a suburban neighborhood and locked in a soundproof basement. He begins to get calls on

“Bendy” Game To Become A Film

The official social media accounts for the horror video game franchise “Bendy and the Ink Machine” have posted an update announcing that a feature film adaptation of the games are in the works. The announcement of the project came this morning, a Christmas Day present to fans. The image announcing