Ncuti Gatwa managed to silence quite a few doubters with strong first scenes as the new Doctor Who in the final installment of the 60th Anniversary Specials. His Christmas Special now returns the show to its traditional slot of early evening on Christmas Day in the UK, meaning this evening.

Now. thanks to Disney+, worldwide fans will also get to see the episode without waiting too long. Ahead of Gatwa’s first full episode, the official Doctor Who YouTube channel has posted a new video showing his first full day on set.

In an interview with Collider he also spoke about the device he has received about taking on the role, including from the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith:

“It’s such a prestigious role, and as actors you want to do your best by it. You’ll beat yourself up if you don’t feel like you have. And so I remember doing that throughout Season 1, just being like, ‘I just feel like I’m ruining it all.’ Talking to Matt about it, Matt was like, ‘I was exactly the same. I just felt like every day I was so hard on myself and felt like I wasn’t doing a good enough job, but trust me, you are. If they say that you are, then you are,’ and like, ‘I know the role means a lot to you and you want to do your best by it, but also remember to enjoy it.’”

The Doctor Who Christmas special is titled The Church on Ruby Road and introduces a new companion. As is also traditional, it is likely the episode will end with a trailer for the season to come in 2024.

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