Deck the halls with boughs of holly, and let the sound of an argument ring out across the Outpost. What could be more festive than an argument? Only unlike the one you just had over the Christmas table with your aunt who votes for, you know… them, you can instead have a proper Christmas argument with your fellow Outposters.

“And you can fuck off with that turkey, too!”


Christmas is a time for family. Or friends. Although, frankly, that shit gets old really fast, and what you wanna be doing, as superior online movie beings, is sitting on your couch working your way through the festive alcohol while getting acquainted with some great new show or movie. To that end, let’s see how specialist you really are.

What are you a fan of that nobody talks about, ever? What little gem of a TV show have you been keeping to yourself? What long-forgotten movie is in your collection that you don’t think is in anyone else’s? In short:

What is the best thing that you have seen that nobody else has seen?

Who knows, you could even make a recommendation that goes on to entertain a fellow Outposter this festive season… and what could be better than that?


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