Back in 2022 came the news that a new take on the character of no-nonsense San Francisco cop Frank Bullitt was in the works with no less than filmmaker Steven Spielberg set to direct.

In addition, Bradley Cooper had closed a deal to star in the film, which would NOT be a remake of the iconic 1968 thriller “Bullitt” starring Steven McQueen in one of their defining roles as the character.

Instead, it was to be a new original story featuring the character, but plot specifics were under wraps. Josh Singer was attached to write the script while Cooper, Spielberg and Kristie Macosko Krieger would produce.

Cut to over a year later and Krieger has offered a brief update on how it’s going. Talking with Total Film via GamesRadar during a press tour for “Maestro,” Krieger indicates they’re still working on it but it’s not looking to likely be Cooper’s next project:

“I’m producing it. Steven [Spielberg] and Josh Singer, who is writing the script, they are working on the story. I hope we have a script soon as the writers’ strike put us behind a bit.

But they are working on it – I couldn’t tell you if it’s the next movie we are making as I don’t know at this point. I think that it will be a wildly entertaining film.”

McQueen’s son and granddaughter, Chad and Molly, both serve as executive producers on the movie. Cooper directed “Maestro”, and Spielberg collaborated on that project, which opens in cinemas on Wednesday.

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