Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny) has been accused of making sexually explicit and threatening comments to actresses in auditions and is now under investigation by SAG-AFTRA.


I’d never heard of Vincent Gallo before but when I read what he’s been accused of, the story was just too good to pass up.

For those who also have no idea who this dude is, he once wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a film called Brown Bunny. The film is pretty unremarkable except for the fact the lead actress, Chloë Sevigny, actually gives him head in one scene. Not pretend head, but real head.



New Method Acting Level Unlocked

Gallo is starring in a movie called The Policeman (no, not the fruity one with Harry Styles) this one is about the Golden State Killer who Gallo is playing. Well, it seems that to get into the role he had some very questionable techniques for his potential costars.

According to Rolling Stone, three female actresses who auditioned for the film have been so traumatized by the experience that they have filed a formal complaint to SAG-AFTRA alleging that Gallo was inappropriate, to say the least.

According to the complaint, all three actresses were reading for scenes in which they would play the serial killer’s victims. One claims Gallo said to her:

“If I say to suck my dick or I will kill you, I want you, you the person, not you the character, not you the actor, but you, to truly believe you will die if you don’t do as I say.


And just like you would in real life, if this were happening to you, I want you to do all of the actions necessary to do that. You won’t actually suck my dick, but you do not have the power, I have all the power. You have no control, I am in complete control.”




Oh Wait, There’s More

Another actress said Gallo (allegedly) said to her:

“I may ask you to suck my cock onscreen, and I want an actress who is not going to put up a fight about that. You’re going to be offended by what I ask you, but I don’t want any of your personal feminist values.


You don’t want to do this, you don’t think it’s fair, but you know what? The victim didn’t have a choice, and neither will you as the actress…


Of course we can’t actually have you give me head onscreen, but the point is that I want someone who will not stop production to call their agent, or complain, etc. because they are offended.”



There’s No Quit In This Tiger

Yeah, he didn’t stop there either. Talk about being dedicated to the role! Another actress alleges that Gallo said he wanted the environment on set to feel “fully improvised” and that he needed actresses to open their “minds and bodies be 100 percent dominated by him”.

“I may ask you to get nude at any time, and I need an actress who is going to do it, because that’s what the victim would’ve done to stay alive.”

Gallo also (allegedly) said that potential improvisations could include hog-tying her with shoelaces, pushing her, pulling her hair, and acting out faux rape or physical assaults. Also, there would be “zero negotiations about what was being done on set” and she would have to give total consent or would be fired.



SAG-AFTRA To The Rescue

A spokesperson for Pacific Media Productions and director Gertner told Rolling Stone that a SAG-AFTRA intimacy coordinator was hired for the production and the picture was carried out in a safe, protective, and respectful environment.

Regardless, SAG-AFTRA has released a statement:

“We are aware of these complaints and are investigating. We extensively engaged with production regarding the complaints and, while shooting has wrapped, we continue to monitor and investigate. We also reaffirm our commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful environment on set.”

So there you have it. The #MeToo movement has a few new cows to milk but I tell you what, The Policeman has just shot straight to the top of my Must Watch List! Now, I’ve off to check out this Brown Bunny… for research purposes should this story develop further.


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