“Wonka” actor Timothee Chalamet has revealed that he is set to star in a mysterious project involving ping-pong.

Speaking with Josh Horowitz at MTV News, Chalamet briefly talked about his films on the way from the soon to open “Dune Part Two” to the James Mangold-directed Bob Dylan biopic “A Complete Unknown” in the works.

It was here when Chalamet revealed he’s attached to something else he “can’t really say” much about. Asked to hint, he says: “It’s ping-pong. I can say that.”

Horowitz then asked if it was a big satire about the sport ala “Balls of Fury,” to which Chalamet said: “No, no, no, no. Something way different. Way different.”

That’s all he would give away. For now “A Complete Unknown” and ping pong projects are the only ones Chalamet is attached to in the near future with Chalamet confirming both films were “in the eight-month stretch ahead” suggesting both will be shot next year.

Searchlight will be handling the Bob Dylan film. The actor can currently be seen in the “Wonka” musical which is now in cinemas.

Source: MTV News

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