Filmmaker William Brent Bell has confirmed that a third movie in the “Orphan” film series is in the works.


The 2009 genre thriller was legendary for its infamous twist ending – one in which it is revealed that Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) isn’t a child but an insane adult woman posing as one.

The second film served as a prequel and required then-23-year-old Fuhrman to reprise her role as Esther who appears to be a nine-year-old child. It was a gamble that paid off fairly decently with a $44 million haul despite same-day Paramount+ availability.

Now, speaking with THR to promote his new film “Lord of Misrule,” Bell confirms a third one is on the way:

“As long as we get excited about the stories, there are so many directions to go, and we’re developing a third one now. The franchise’s rulebook has been opened up to where anything is possible…. And knowing where we are in the process already, I’m extremely excited about the twists and turns that we have in store.”

He confirms David Coggeshall is returning as writer, and that Fuhrman is expected to return – the actress having previously expressed interest in continuing with the character.

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