Lionsgate’s official Instagram account has been updated to announce that an eleventh film in its horror franchise “Saw” is on the way.

A graphic posted on the page teases a September 27th 2024 release date for “Saw XI” with the tagline ‘The Game Continues’.

It marks the first movement on the franchise since the release of “Saw X” back in late September this year. That entry stunned even haters of the franchise as it scored positive critical reviews far above any of the prior sequels.

Serving as a direct sequel to the first and prequel to “Saw II,” the film sees John Kramer (Tobin Bell) travelling to Mexico in hopes that an experimental procedure may cure his terminal cancer.

John later discovers that the operation is a scam, prompting him to kidnap those responsible and subject them to his death traps as retribution.

That film also made a tidy $107.7 million at the global box-office from a $13 million budget. That film was released on VOD and disc platforms on November 21st.

No word on who will write, direct or star in the new entry as yet.

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