Matthew McConaughey showed up on stage at The Game Awards tonight to announce “Exodus,” a new third-person video game in which he stars and hails from Archetype Entertainment and key talent behind the “Mass Effect” and “Baldur’s Gate” franchises.

The game has been dubbed an epic new sci-fi action-adventure RPG with “broad player agency,” one in which time works differently – leading to McConaughey making an “Interstellar” joke saying he’s “had some experience with time dilation”.

According to the synopsis, humanity has fled a dying Earth and found a new home in a hostile galaxy where we are the underdogs, fighting our final battle for survival. You play as the Traveler, humanity’s last hope.

The project marks the “Magic Mike” and “Failure to Lauch” actor’s first time doing a video game and he says he’ll have a “unique relationship with every player”. What that is isn’t clear and he doesn’t appear in the trailer.

The twist here is that interstellar travel will have major implications in terms of gameplay with characters dying or storylines resolving offscreen due to the effects of time dilation.

In the wake of the trailer’s screening at the awards, some have called it essentially a new attempt at “Mass Effect Andromeda”. Additionally, an extended story trailer has also been released revealing more details about the world within the game which hopes to launch a franchise.

“Exodus” has no planned release date at the moment but is coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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