Recently Disney+ issued a press release listing what series will be coming to the platform in 2024. Two “Star Wars” series were included on that list – “Skeleton Crew” and “The Acolyte”.

Both of those series wrapped filming back in January and August respectively, finishing their shoots well before the strike. Notably absent, however, was the second season of “Andor” which wasn’t as far along.

Now a new report from sources for Gizmodo suggests that the new season may be pushed back to 2025. They add that while their source did not “100% close the book” on a potential 2024 airing, they said that the chances are “highly unlikely” at this time.

The reasoning appears to be two-fold. The first is Disney publicly stating it is slowing down the release of its major franchise titles on the Disney+ service in order to maximise the value of each effort. The impact of this can already be seen with their Marvel fare.

The second is the obvious effect of the WGA & SAG-AFTRA dual strikes which shut down production on numerous series for nearly half a year.

“Andor” was the “Star Wars” series most impacted by the strike. Filming began on the new season just over a year ago and was expected to run all the way until August 2023 followed by a full year of post-production.

Things, however, didn’t go quite to schedule with filming suspended several times. Gilroy indicated they’d reached the halfway mark in an interview conducted by Deadline in April just before the writer’s strike began (all scripts were reportedly completed before that strike).

Filming was paused altogether in July due to the actor’s strike with several weeks left to film, no word as yet on when they’ll strt again or wrap.

The first season of “Andor” wrapped production September 2021 – a full year before it began airing in September 2022. Prior to the strikes, the hope was the second season would follow the same pattern and thus be out as early as August/September next year.

That’s not looking to be the case anymore, though if pushed to 2025 it would quite likely be early in the year ahead of the fourth season of “The Mandalorian” which will begin filming soon ahead of a presumably late 2025 release.

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