We’re nearing the end of the murderer’s row (complimentary) part of the year. There’s been the back-to-school extravaganza of September, spookiness of October, glorious chow-time of Thanksgiving, and finally the gift-giving joy of December as the clean-up hitter. Christmas and holiday gift-shopping can be difficult, as you want to please all the people you care about — whether it be friends, family, acquaintances, or, heck, even enemies — while also being creative about it. 

And, true believers, accomplishing such a feat is no easy task. Only the mightiest can pull it off. If you’re one of those that salivate over the prestigious moniker of Gifting King or Queen, then some help will certainly go a long way. 

As it turns out, the jolly folks over at POP MART are here to help you out! They offer a wide variety of products from action figures, MEGA Collection collectibles, accessories like phone cases, mugs, bags, and more! Read onwards for just a few examples of what they have to offer for your gifting endeavors.

DIMOO Letters from Snowman Series

(Mostly) everyone needs a mascot. Created by artist Ayan Deng, DIMOO is one of POP MART’s most popular characters, and there’s all sorts of iterations the character has come in before. The little lad’s wide, colorful eyes (just look at them!!!) are reason enough to fall in love. And the latest custom for the character in their Letters from Snowman series features many of the classic elements typically associated with Christmas.

Reindeer? Check. Christmas trees? Check. Santa Claus? Oh, obviously, check. Be sure to get your own at official POP MART stores, their website, Robo Shops (POP MART’s blind box vending machines), and Amazon for $15.99.

Sweet Bean Frozen Time Dessert Box Series

Look, it ain’t just about the decorations. Sometimes, it’s not even about the aesthetic or the music. Sometimes, the holiday season simply means some delectable sweets and treats around a fireplace. You’re getting hungry, and excited, just thinking about it. Don’t lie. 

And POP MART is here to satisfy that desire, with their Sweet Bean Frozen Time Dessert box series featuring such delicacies as Bûche De Noël, gingerbread houses, marshmallows, and hot chocolate! Just like the DIMOO fellow from before, you can find them available at POP MART stores and their website, Robo Shops, and Amazon. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Series

Every year, there’s often a debate about the best Christmas movies. A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and — if you’re feeling hipster, or occasionally obnoxious, enough — Die Hard may be your champion of choice. But there’s also the small, tiny, not-at-all-famous Harry Potter series that feels perfect for this time of year as well. 

The brilliant folks at POP MART took notice, and this series focuses on perhaps the most acclaimed film in the series: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Featuring the eponymous Harry himself, Ron, Hermione, Sirius Black, and even creative moments from the film like Harry stomping on the Monster Book or Professor Lupin in the moonlight! 

Check them out over at POP MART’s official store, their website, Robo Shops, and Amazon.

PINO JELLY Make a Wish Series

POP MART’s PINO JELLY series is perfect for reflecting every human’s desires quite perfectly. In fact, what better way to test that theory than by checking out the Taste & Personality Quiz series. Will you find the Impetuous figure, or will Fiery be your personal discovery? 

And if you’re a fan of those, then these Christmas themed ones featuring big ol’ Santa, Christmas elves, candy canes, and even mulled wine are sure to be right up your alley. You can find them and their blind boxes for $15.99 at official POP MART stores, their website, Robo Shops, and Amazon. 

SKULLPANDA Warmth Series 

Movies, snacks, candy canes, and Santa are all well and good, but let’s not forget how important the simple feeling of warmth is when it comes to the holiday season. Who doesn’t love to snuggle up under a blanket as snow falls outside your house? It’s one of the most peaceful things imaginable. POP MART’s latest from their SKULLPANDA series is exactly that.

Created by SKULLPANDA, the artist, this mysterious genderless being from outer space is another one of POP MART’s most popular characters — featured in all sorts of different series from Everyday Wonderland to Laid Back Tomorrow. This fellow just has everything going on. The Warmth takes a break from SKULLPANDA’s usually dark surrealist esthetic and features the character taking warm baths, holding a flower pot, and even writing in a little journal.

THE MONSTERS – Tasty Macarons Vinyl Face Blind Box

Look — and this can’t be emphasized enough — at these little GOOBERS. This series of characters created by contemporary artist Kasing Lung has been featured by POP MART before in things like their Candy and Constellation series, while their latest iteration emphasizes their most adorable vibe yet. The Tasty Macarons series features the beloved character Labubu as a compact plushie in a variety of colors, the kind of little guy that your gift recipient will keep by their desk forever. 

You can purchase a blind box of them for $21.99 on their website, official stores, Robo Shops, and Amazon right now. And don’t forget that POP MART has plenty of other wonderful toys, with plenty of other original character designs and collaborations (SpongeBob, anyone?) to choose from.

Happy gift-giving season, ya filthy animals!

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