During the holiday season, things can get hectic. Sometimes in a fun way,  sometimes in a oh-my-sweet-fresh-apricots-I-have-so-much-to-do kind of way. So, naturally, one might be attracted to the idea of getting an energy boost to aid them! G FUEL energy drinks do exactly that—with top-tier ingredients and a sugar-free formula—with plenty of different flavor options to choose from. 

But as you may have noticed by the name of this website, we are, indeed, a realm for all things geek. G FUEL, in their infinite wisdom and kindness, have cooked up a slew of pop culture-inspired flavors and bundles—with some little bonuses accompanying them—that have captured our attention this holiday season. Check out our top picks below!  

Rebel Moon G FUEL Imperium Tonic Collector’s Box 

Rebel Moon is the latest sci-fi epic from cult-favorite director Zack Snyder, and if the trailer is at all indicative, it’s set to be one of the most anticipated releases when it drops on Netflix in December. In partnership with Rebel Moon, G FUEL is offering a special edition Collector’s Box to commemorate the occasion.

While all G FUEL flavors are plentiful and, of course, delightful, the Imperium Tonic deserves an extra mention. It’s a sweet blend of berry, kiwi, and watermelon that’ll send you out of this world (and maybe even into whatever universe Rebel Moon takes place in).

Plus, the box also includes a commemorative shaker cup that showcases some of the sweet futuristic vehicles featured in the movie. Snyderheads won’t want to miss out, and you can find this one exclusively at Walmart for the holiday season.

Dragon Ball Z FUEL Frieza Collection

Look, man, Dragon Ball Z rules. One of the first Shounen anime to truly break out in the West, the franchise remains relevant to this day. In fact, it’s so relevant that it’s a general fixture in pop culture, with Goku in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So this collaboration is an obvious choice, but instead of focusing solely on Goku, it’s all about our favorite maniacal murderer—King Frieza! 

With the Collector’s Box, you’ll get a tub of the Evil Emperor flavors—Cranberry, Cherry, Raspberry, and Strawberry—as well as an exclusive shaker cup to match. And if that’s not enough for your power level, you can also get your hands on two other tubs, Pineapple Ginyu Force and Super Saiyan Lemonade, sold separately.

G FUEL Gohan Blackberry Tea Tub

You know how the saying goes: the only thing better than Dragon Ball Z…is even more Dragon Ball Z. If you’re not feeling the sinister mojo of the Evil Emperor collection, then maybe you want something a little more innocent. For Gohan, being the son of Goku is all well and good, but even better is that G FUEL gave him his own flavor! 

If the Super Saiyan or Ginyu Force tubs aren’t doing it for you, Gohan’s serving up a blackberry tea tub for the occasion. The smile alone is worth it, but the flavor makes it even better. Look for them individually at the G FUEL store.

Mortal Kombat Klassics Collection

Do you ever just get the urge to shout “MORTAL KOMBAT!!” dramatically in the middle of the day? No? Well, okay then, perhaps it’s just us who love the classics. And G FUEL knows it, so they’ve cooked up a whole crop of Mortal Kombat-inspired items for you to get your hands on. 

On top of the stainless-steel shaker cup shown above that cleverly depicts the classic—or, excuse me, Klassic—character select screen, an assortment of different tubs can be found as well. There’s the spicy mango Scorpion Strike and the blueberry lemon Ice Shatter in honor of the legendary Scorpion/Sub-Zero rivalry, and even a tribute to Raiden in the form of the watermelon lemonade Electric Strike

If that doesn’t satiate your bloodlust, what will?

Amy’s Strawberry Shortcake Collector’s Box

Sticking with the video game theme but moving just a teensy little bit away from the mega-violence, G FUEL also has some products for the Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there! But rather than Sonic himself, it’s a collector’s edition box in honor of Amy Rose. If you’ve been channeling the aesthetic of Barbie since the summer, this will do well enough to continue it. 

The box includes a collectible shaker cup with a simple yet stylish pink flourish, as well as a special flavor tub: Amy’s Strawberry Shortcake. Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake? Plus, the flavor goes well with milk! 

Remnant II Mudtooth’s Tonic Collector’s Box

As you may have gathered by now, G FUEL offers all sorts of collector boxes. From anime to video games, new releases or old, they’ve got you covered. And while they’ve got some products for upcoming things like Rebel Moon, they’ve also got some collaborations with properties from earlier in the year. 

The Remnant II Collector’s Box honors the souls-like third-person shooter from the summer. The box features 40 servings of their extra special Mudtooth’s Tonic peach iced tea flavor, as well as an appropriate shaker cup to go along with it. The critically acclaimed title is a favorite for survival action fans out there, and the return of the favorite peach ice flavor is sure to make this one an awesome purchase. 

Mega Man Rush Collector’s Box

There are days—many days, in fact—where one must put on some headphones and turn on one of the many, many bangers from the Mega Man series. The Blue Bomber has been a fixture in the gaming landscape as long as nearly any character, so it’s lovely to see that the folks at G FUEL have put together an all-new special edition Collector’s Box in his honor. 

The shaker cup in this one looks fantastic with a nice transparent look at not just Mega Man himself but also his trusty robotic dog sidekick Rush! Speaking of Rush, the box also comes with a collectible Mega Man-inspired pet leash and collar that’ll be perfect for all the good doggy owners out there.

The Witcher Tawny Owl Potion Collector’s Box

What if there were a collaboration for a celebrated book, video game, and TV series? Well, one of the things you’d get is The Witcher. Focusing on the RPG masterpiece side of things, G FUEL has put together one of their most premium boxes yet. Similar to all the others, the box comes with a collectible shaker cup—one featuring the Wolf Medallion with a sleek charcoal gray finish—and 40 servings of the “Tawny Owl Potion” black currant flavor. 

But wait, there’s more! The box also features a detailed map of The Witcher World, and cover art features the characters Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. If that’s not enough, the box also comes with exclusive 5”x 7” art prints that celebrate the lore of the series. And, oh boy, if THAT’s somehow not enough, there’s also a nifty Wolf Medallion potion vial keychain. Saying the good folks at G FUEL pulled out all the stops for this one would be an understatement. And if you like what you’ve seen thus far, be sure to check out the many other flavors and collector’s boxes for beloved properties like Pac-Man, Cyberpunk 2077, Blue Beetle, Twisted Metal, and more!

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