Whilst we don’t seem any closer to the casting of a new James Bond as we were a few years ago, one Oscar-winning actress has enthusiastically put their hand up for one of the film’s key supporting roles.

In a new interview with British Vogue, “Broadchurch” and “The Favorite” star Olivia Colman says she’s dead keen on playing the role of MI6 head and Bond’s boss M in the next film.

Questioned about those who have compared her to a young Judi Dench, Colman answers by discussing her 007 dreams:

“What! I’ve never heard that [she resembles Judi Dench]. Oh, I love that! Well, I’ve got short hair. Oh, my God! The amount of time I have wanted to be M. I’m not sure who I need to call… I know, I met [Barbara Broccoli] once. I wanted to go, ‘Can I be M?’ I must try to be cooler about it. Maybe she reads Vogue? Put that bit in.”

Colman recently did get to play spy, playing British intelligence operative Sonya Falsworth in Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” series.

Meanwhile, another talented British lady, “Saltburn” and “Promising Young Woman” director Emerald Fennell, shared her dream project with Deadline this week – and it’s not what you may think.

Asked the question of what project she would like to direct, she playfully responds that she wants to try a lurid “Jurassic Park” domestic drama:

“I honestly feel that I’ve been so lucky. I’ve been able to make my dream projects already. My favorite film of all time is Jurassic Park, so I would love to get in on the dinosaurs.

Well, first and foremost, it’s very erotic. I think humans and dinosaurs have gotten to that stage in their time together where things are starting to get quite thrilling. So, there’s a marriage between a man and a velociraptor and it’s basically a domestic drama.”

Fennell, who is also an actress and played Midge in this year’s “Barbie” film, says her dream acting role would be that of Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” and says the character “deserves her own prequel where she’s misunderstood”.

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