January will see the release of “The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered” which will boast new content that includes a set of Lost Levels that were cut from the original release.

Three in all will be included and playable on the game, though aren’t expected to be incorporated back into the campaign. What we know is the three will be called Jackson Party, Boar Hunt, and Sewers and they aren’t ‘fully finished’.

Since then plenty of fans have been working out just where in the game these levels would have taken place, with a good breakdown now up at Screen Rant.


Jackson Party is thought to deal with the events leading up to the cinematic when Dina kisses Ellie while dancing and thus probably takes place just before that scene.

The Boar Hunt is likely closer to the end of the game as part of ‘The Farm’ sequence and prior to Ellie’s heading for Santa Barbara. That sequence was said to be playable and cut very late in development.

Sewers is thought to be tied to Ellie’s second day and an extended version of when she falls into a waterway and ends up in a sewer system tunnel just after her first Stalkers encounter and just prior to her first encounter with the Seraphites.

The game also boasts a new Speedrun mode called No Return, along with a Guitar Free Play mode, graphical improvements, faster load times, DualSense controller functionality, new accessibility options and more.

The title will be released on January 19th. Prior owners of “The Last of Us Part II” on PS4/PS5 can upgrade for $10.

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