Though it may seem throwaway, the “Now You See Me” franchise has been a profit turner for its studio and one of its stars is keen to get back to it.

Jesse Eisenberg, who remains best known for playing insecure or darker characters, was out promoting his controversial new film “Manodrome” when the discussion turned towards “Now You See Me”.

The two movies so far, which deal with illusionists who pull off daring heists, boast a wannabe “Ocean’s 11” caper vibe that’s crowd-pleasing and light.

That’s a big draw for Eisenberg who tells Coming Soon the role of J. Daniels Atlas he plays in those films is a “breath of fresh air” compared to his usual roles:

“We’re supposed to do it [Now You See Me 3] early next year. I can’t wait. Unlike a movie like this where my character’s experiencing such deep rage, anxiety and depression, my character in that is so confident and is a performer and a showman and it’s just a breath of fresh air, as an actor, to get to live in that kind of world too.”

Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Morgan Freeman will all reprise their roles from the first two films with Ruben Fleischer (“Uncharted,” “Venom”) to direct and Michael Lesslie (“Assassin’s Creed”) to write. Alex Kurtzman and Bobby Cohen serve as producers.

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