It was quite clear that Hollywood idiocy was afoot with The Witcher. Henry Cavill, a man who wears his own geekdom proudly on his sleeve, abruptly quit the show.

This was after some deviations from source material and an apparent disagreement. Cavill was an uber-fan and his name on the call sheet was a big reason for the show being greenlit.

There was a quickly aborted hit job being prepared on Cavill, but this was halted after it became clear fandom weren’t having it, and would fall for none of it.

Then, after Cavill exited, one of the show’s writers on its first two seasons also blew the whistle, saying other writers on the show actively disliked the books and games to the point of mocking it.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich frantically dismissed those reports, but by then we all knew the truth. The usual Hollywood was in control.

All of this is now echoed by the author of The Witcher series himself,  Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

He now claims Netflix has “never listened” to his ideas for their series adaptation of his novels.

During an appearance at Vienna Comic-Con last week, the writer was asked if he had tried to give them guidance. He laughed and replied:

“Maybe, I gave them some ideas, but they never listened to me. But it’s normal – Who’s this? It’s a writer, it’s nobody.”

The previously committed fandom has started to drift away from the show as it deviated further from the source material.

Spectacular own goal Hollywood. Just spectacular.

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