Earlier this year came the news that a fifth “Toy Story” film was in development, one of several sequels such as “Frozen 3” and “Zootopia 2” which the studio was working on.

No further details were revealed at the time and there’s been little discussion of it since beyond it being clear this was a return of Woody and Buzz as opposed to a “Lightyear” style spinoff.

Last night, Tim Allen appeared on The Tonight Show ahead of Thanksgiving and confirmed both he and voice co-star Tom Hanks have been contacted by Disney for the feature.

He added that “one of the creators of the original series” is behind the film’s script:

“Bob Iger, head of Disney, said it was on and actually said it was going to happen. They have reached out to Tom and I to reprise the roles. They’re not saying anything about it…You wonder if four was too many. Is five going to be too much?

According to the scuttlebutt, the writer that’s doing it wrote one of the better ones and said, ‘If I didn’t get this right, I wouldn’t do it.’ It could be a very, very interesting way to reunite it.”

The fourth “Toy Story” hit cinemas in 2019, landed great reviews and over $1 billion at the worldwide box office. As for when we might see it, that’s not clear at this time.

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