The reborn MoviePass service has announced that subscribers can finally buy same-day movie tickets online – one of several new features it’s adding to its services.

The subscription service will no longer members to show up at movie theaters in person to acquire tickets. That lack of online purchasing was a major gripe for users that now appears to have been solved.

Other changes that have come in include swapping out the physical payment cards for virtual ones and letting customers buy additional theater credits in the app if they run out in that month.

More features are reportedly due by the end of the year, including a referral program, gift bundles of subscriptions, and members being able to select premium large-format screens.

Stacy Spikes, MoviePass Co-Founder and CEO, says in a statement:

“MoviePass continues to add innovative features to our service to improve the overall experience for our members. We are listening to what our community wants and today’s announcement is just the beginning. We have plans to introduce even more upgrades by the end of this year.”

The referral program would reward users with a free month of the service for every friend they refer who signs up. Early next year they plan to launch a “Bring a Friend” feature for buying multiple tickets to a single showtime.`

Source: CNet

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