Ridley Scott isn’t a filmmaker that sits around twiddling his thumbs or spends lazy days on a beach, the man is a machine – a workaholic who continues to pump out large-scale films at an astonishing speed despite being in his mid-80s.

Scott was reportedly halfway through production on his “Gladiator” sequel in Morocco when the actor’s strike hit a pause on the film’s production. Now, with the strike over, it was expected the movie would begin shooting again soon.

In a new interview with Deadline to promote Scott’s “Napoleon” film opening next week, Scott revealed just how soon – within two weeks.

He also confirms he’s got half of his three-hour film in the can:

“Thank God it’s over. We shot about 90 minutes, at least that’s finished. It’s really getting the sets cleaned up, they’re already built. I got another 90 minutes to go.”

Scott confirms that he didn’t spend the downtime during the strike doing nothing either, he’s already readying his next movie which plans to begin filming in March:

“I prepped the film after Gladiator. I have a script finished to the extent that we’ve already pitched to studios and I’ve already wrecked it. I used time out to find out where I’m going to do it.”

As part of the interview, he was also asked if he had ever been offered a superhero movie and was he ever tempted to say yes to one. He replied:

“Yeah, been offered, but just said, no, thank you. Not for me. I’ve done two or three superhero films. I think Sigourney Weaver’s a superhero in Alien. I think Russell Crowe‘s a superhero in Gladiator. And Harrison Ford is the super anti-hero in Blade Runner. The difference is, the f—ing stories are better.”

Scott’s “Napoleon” opens in cinemas everywhere next week, whilst “Gladiator 2” is still on track for a debut next Fall.

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