Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has signed on to star in the horror comedy film “Bjorn of the Dead” which boasts an interesting premise.

The story follows Bjorn, lead singer in the ABBA tribute band ABBAtoir, and his band mates Benny, Anni-Frid, and Agnetha. The group spend their weekends covering disco classics at depressing venues from old folk’s homes to empty pubs.

They opt to join a Battle of the Bands-style competition for tribute bands at the nightclub The Niney Dimey. Soon after arriving however, they find themselves – along with the various other tribute acts – trapped in the club at the start of the apocalypse.

Bjorn and his band must work together to save themselves, humanity, and the future of music. The film is expected to have numerous cameos from the world of both rock and heavy metal music.

“Slaxx” filmmaker Elza Kephart directs the project from a script by Austin Dickinson based on a story idea co-created by Andrew Prendergast. The latter two also produce.

Michael Paszt, James Fler, and Andrew T. Hunt will executive produce.

Source: Deadline

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