With the animated “Star Trek: Lower Decks” having wrapped its fourth season run this past Thursday, it delivered a relatively big-scale finale with some cinematic action.

Paramount+ is also working on straight-to-streaming movies set within the “Star Trek” universe, with the in-development “Section 31” film starring Michelle Yeoh expected to be the first of those.

This begs the obvious question as to whether we could one day see a “Star Trek: Lower Decks” movie. Turns out creator Mike McMahan has already had that idea, and a whole lot more.

Speaking with ComicBook.com in the wake of the season finale, he shared his desires for a much bigger Trek universe:

“I have an idea for an animated Lower Decks movie. I have ideas for live-action Lower Decks movies. And I have ideas for brand new, totally original Star Trek movies that don’t tie into anything we’ve seen before.

I think Star Trek is an amazing genre to think about. I love the idea of not micro but small-budget Star Trek movies, where you get the bigness of a movie set, but you get to tell a Star Trek story that drives across a moment instead of a thing that has to be dealt with, like a Khan.

I think there are cool ways to make Star Trek movies that aren’t quite like the Marvel system and aren’t quite like DC or the superheroes in general, but I would love a world where there’s going to be Star Trek movies all the time, and when you go, you don’t know which crew it’s going to be about or if it’s going to be a comedy or suspense or a drama.”

The upbeat comments come as the franchise itself seems to be shrinking with “Picard” over, “Discovery” coming to an end next year, and a third season of “Strange New Worlds” coming but delayed due to the ongoing strikes.

“Lower Decks” at least already has a fifth season in production, and there’s tipped to be a “Starfleet Academy” series on the way, but where it’ll go beyond that, and if McMahan’s dream can be realised? It’s a wait-and-see for now.

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