Long-running sci-fi series “Doctor Who” isn’t just getting a fresh face, but a whole new numbering system in order to draw in newcomers.

Next year sees Ncuti Gatwa score his first season as the Fifteenth Doctor, a time which also marks the first full season run of Russell T. Davies back as showrunner and the first new season to be broadcast internationally on the Disney+ service.

As a result, Davies has confirmed the new season will be referred to as ‘Season 1’ to showcase this refresh of the show, rather than than ‘Series 14′ since Davies’ revival in 2005 and the 40th season overall going back to the original era.

Speaking with SFX Magazine (via Screen Rant), Davies talked about the numbering change whilst talking about why Disney isn’t promoting the upcoming ‘Who’ launch much. He says:

“Because people are beginning to ask “Why is there no Disney push behind this?” That’s coming in [Redacted]. Ooh, we’re not supposed to say [Redacted], are we? Next year, season one. Yes, we’re calling it season one.”

Gatwa is expected to make his debut on-screen during the last of David Tennant’s 60th anniversary specials on December 9th, followed by a Christmas special later in the month leading into ‘Season One’.

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