It is one hell of a time to be a fan of Man In Suit! There is a rather funky-looking new Godzilla movie coming out direct from his homeland. Meanwhile, the American Monsterverse rumbles on, with a new movie due next year. That world is expanding, too, with Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters.

In just 12 days, the new streaming series will premiere on Apple TV+. Already people are commenting on the quality of the imagery we have been shown, and the reviews of the first half of the series were very strong. As we discuss here frequently, while Prime, Netflix, and Disney+ make all the noise, Apple TV+ is the little streamer nobody really talks about that just quietly slips out show after show of excellent quality. Will this be another one to add to their enviable record?

Ahead of the release, Apple has dropped several clips. One is a just over three-minute featurette offering interview sound bites with the cast and various new bits of footage from the series. The second appears to be the entire opening sequence.

The would seem to showcase John Goodman’s cameo in the series that ties all the way back to the events of Kong: Skull Island. Finally, there is the show’s opening credit sequence.

The series unfolds within the continuity of the MonsterVerse with events taking place after the events of 2014’s Godzilla which saw San Francisco levelled by the fight with MUTO. Clues to why this happened link Monarch with an army officer named Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell). Flashbacks will showcase events in the 1950s when a young Lee (Wyatt Russell) was part of a Monarch team trying to learn the origins of the Titans.

In the present day, Monarch is threatened by what present-day Shaw knows. Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Anders Holm, Joe Tippett, Mari Yamamoto, and Elisa Lasowski round out the cast.

Opening Scene:

Inside Look:

Opening Titles:

Matt Shakman directs from a script by Chris Black with the latter serving as showrunner. The show will debut on November 17th as we start frantically checking our cellphone deals and tied bank accounts to figure out how much longer our free Apple TV+ subscription has left to run.

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