“The Creator” and “Rogue One” filmmaker Gareth Edwards, who also directed the 2014 English-language reboot of “Godzilla,” has offered high praise to the upcoming “Godzilla Minus One” film.

The project marks Toho’s 33rd Japanese-language “Godzilla” title, and the second of the modern Reiwa era of the live-action franchise.

The story unfolds in an already devastated post-WW2 Japan where the kaiju goes on a rampage – pushing an already collapsed country past its breaking point.

Speaking with Japan’s Cinema Today (via ComicBook.com), Edwards says he believes the film embodies what a “Godzilla” movie should be:

“There were a lot of things that I felt were very new for Godzilla, and I felt jealous the whole time I was watching the movie. This is what a Godzilla movie should be. [Godzilla Minus One] must be mentioned as a candidate for the best Godzilla movie of all time.”

Takashi Yamazaki writes and directs the film which opened in Japan this weekend and is coming to the United States on December 1st with a theatrical release (including an IMAX release).

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