Lionsgate has released the trailer for “Manodrome,” filmmaker John Trengove’s English-language debut which serves as a dark dramedy take on the modern ‘manosphere’ and toxic masculinity.

The story follows Ralphie (Jesse Eisenberg), a New York Uber driver struggling to make ends meet and anxiously awaiting the birth of his child with Sal (Odessa Young).

Feeling overstressed and lost, his search for greater fulfilment finds him becoming involved with an intense all-male self-help group led by the guru-like Dan (Adrien Brody).

As Ralph falls deeper into dependence on the group and its increasingly aggressive and dominance-driven members, his relationship and his life crumble until he suffers a breakdown and descends into madness.

Ethan Suplee, Evan Jonigkeit and Philip Ettinger also star in the film which Riley Keough, Ryan Zacarias, Ben Giladi, and Gina Gammell produce.

“Manodrome” opens in cinemas on November 10th with a digital and on-demand release to follow just one week later on November 17th.

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