Amazon’s “Reacher” is one of those shows that gets saddled with the ‘Dad TV’ label. The label is used to describe series essentially for men over the age 30, whether they are a dad, a ‘daddy’ or sans child.

These days ‘Dad TV’ is incredibly diverse as compared to what it used to be a few decades ago, branching a variety of genres. It also includes some of the most acclaimed shows on the screen these days.

Shows like “The Boys,” “Justified: City Primeval,” “Andor,” “The Last of Us,” “Slow Horses,” “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and more could all easily fit the moniker.

It’s a label that “Reacher” star Alan Ritchson is not the biggest fan of as he sees his series as far more wide appealing than the perception of what is Dad TV. Asked about the label for the show by GQ in a recent interview, he says:

“It’s so weird. I keep seeing that. I’ve shown my kids the show. I let them watch season one – but I wouldn’t let them see the naked guy hanging crucified on the wall [who had his bollocks chopped off and was forced to swallow them whole], but everything else was… Within context, it all made sense.

They loved it, man. For me, it’s not ‘Dad TV’, it’s ‘family TV’. I walk down the street and little ladies on their walkers are like [adopts the voice of a decrepit old woman] “Reacher… Reacher…” It’s such a misnomer to me to qualify this as ‘Dad TV’. But I am a father and I, too, love the show. Maybe it does work.”

The full second season of “Reacher” is now available on Amazon Prime with a third currently in production.

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