It’s official, the sequel to 2014’s “It Follows” is on the way with filmmaker David Robert Mitchell re-teaming with star Maika Monroe for the follow-up titled “They Follow”.

Monroe returns as Jay Height from the first film which involves a supernatural curse transmitted by sexual contact. The victim will be pursued by an entity that only they can see and can take the appearance of any person.

It only moves at a walking pace, but always knows where the victim is and will relentlessly approach them until it catches and kills then before pursuing the previous person to have passed it on.

The only way to keep death away is to pass the curse to someone else who will become next on the list.

Made on a budget of just $1.3 million, the movie grossed $23.3 million worldwide and drew rave reviews.

Sequel story details are under wraps, though it has previously been teased the film would follow Jay turning the tables and hunting down the source of the entity.

Filming is expected to take place early next year with Mitchell, Jake Weiner, Chris Bender, David Kaplan, Erik Rommesmo, Rebecca Green and Laura Smith producing.

The project is being introduced to buyers at AFM this week with NEON set to distribute the sequel in North America.

Source: Screen Daily

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