The Edgar Wright-directed remake of Stephen King’s “The Running Man” story is reportedly aiming to begin filming next year.

Penned in 1982 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, the book was loosely adapted for the screen into the 1987 sci-fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Michael Bacall will write the new take which is expected to be much more faithful to King’s original work. Producers on the project include Simon Kinberg, Nira Park and Audrey Chon.

Kinberg this week spoke with Slashfilm and explained where things stand:

“We are working on it actively. He [Wright] is actively working on the script with Michael Bacall. Our hope would be that it is a movie that, again, all fingers crossed and luck and everything else go our way, that Edgar could maybe direct next year.

What’s cool is that Edgar, completely separately, before myself and Paramount started down the journey of figuring out how to get the remake rights, which was complicated, he had tweeted, just on his own – and I follow him obviously on every possible platform – he had tweeted that if there was one movie he would remake ever, it was Running Man.”

The original work follows a man who participates in a deadly game show in which he’s declared an enemy of the state and is hunted by a ground of murderous hitmen.

Kinberg, who was a producer on the “X-Men” franchise and helmed the “Dark Phoenix” film, said he previously tried to get Wright to take on the “Gambit” movie but Wright declined as the character he wasn’t really familiar with and thought the job was “someone else’s dream gig”.

“The Running Man” will mark Wright’s first film since 2021’s “Last night in Soho” and 2017’s “Baby Driver”.

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