Walt Disney Animation Studios is going early with its new animated film “Wish” with plans to preview the film in select theaters on November 18th, a few days before its official U.S. theatrical release on November 22nd.

The movie follows the adventures of Asha (Ariana DeBose), a 17-year-old dreamer, as she and her pyjama-clad goat companion Valentino (Alan Tudyk) embark on a quest to save her community from the malevolent King Magnifico (Chris Pine), guided by a celestial being named Star. [Source: Disney]

Martin Scorsese
Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has also officially joined movie ranking and review site Letterboxd, and within days has overtaken Karsten Runquist to become the most followed member across the entire service with 172,105 followers as of writing.

In his profile he has so far logged around 70 films he’s seen including iconic titles like “The Night of the Hunter,” “Close-Up,” “On the Waterfront,” “The Wild Bunch,” “Rififi,” “Red River,” “The Day of the Jackal,” “The Leopard,” “The Heiress” and “Sweet Small of Success”. [Source: Letterboxd]

All the Other Mothers Hate Me
FX’s “The Bear” creator Christopher Storer has lined up his next series which will be based on Sarah Harman’s upcoming novel “All the Other Mothers Hate Me”. Harman is expected to adapt her own novel for FX while Storer, Josh Senior and Cooper Wehde produce the series.

The story follows an American woman who suspects her son may have killed a wealthy student at his West London private school. Storer recently signed on to direct a film adaptation of Don Winslow’s “The Winter of Frankie Machine” at Paramount Pictures. [Source: THR]

The Shrouds
Legendary “The Lord of the Rings” film composer Howard Shore is once again re-teaming with David Cronenberg for the Canadian filmmaker’s new film “The Shrouds” which wrapped production over the summer.

Shore has previously worked with Cronenberg on some of this most famous films including “Videodrome,” “The Fly,” “Dead Ringers” and “A History of Violence”. Vincent Cassel, Guy Pearce, Diane Kruger and Sandrine Holt star in the new film. [Source: Film Music Reporter]

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