Still out there promoting his new Netflix series “All The Light We Cannot See,” filmmaker Shawn Levy has offered some more details about the halted mid-production “Deadpool 3”.

The “Free Guy” and “Real Steel” filmmaker spoke with Happy Sad Confused this week where he was asked about how emotional the new “Deadpool” will be at its new home at Disney.

To that, he responded: “There’s a f—load more than you think… the movie has a lot more character depth and heart than anyone is expecting.”

He goes on to explain that both he and star Ryan Reynolds were united and adamant that the new film be “consistent and continuous” with the prior two films in terms of tone, but also “to see where we could evolve in this third movie”.

When it became a Wolverine/Deadpool two-hander with a kind of “Midnight Run” dynamic, he says that was a blessing:

“Once we knew it was a Wolverine/Deadpool movie, my god, what a gift to any storyteller because not only do you have two icon actors playing their most iconic roles, but you have two characters whose dynamic is already famously fraught.

And any time you start from a place with two characters with deep dislike and conflict and difference from each other? Right? The mouth and the surly, laconic, man of few words, what a great formula for storytelling.”

Whilst he wouldn’t discuss who was making cameos in the film, he did speak about how scheduling is a big part of who they could get and revealed getting people onboard for this was how simple it was:

“What blew my mind was how easy some of those cameos have been. People love Deadpool. People love Ryan; people seem to like my work, fortunately; they know that Ryan and I are in a groove, of creative brotherhood that is unique and seems to be working.”

As for the cameo rumors, he’s all for them to swirl around online because there are so many and they are so elaborate at this point that it helps obscure the truth:

“I love the proliferation of casting rumors around my movie. Because there’s so many, it’s impossible to know what’s real and what’s made-up and so all I’ll say is, this movie – starting with Ryan and Hugh, some of whom the world knows about, Emma Corrin, Matthew MacFadyen – really, just going to work is a delight.”

He reiterates the new film is “very much part of the MCU” and both he and his stars are “making the movie we wanted to make”.

Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic, and Shioli Kutsuna will reprise their roles in the film whilst Jennifer Garner is a confirmed cameo reprising her Elektra role.

The film was pulled from its May 3rd 2024 launch last week and is currently undated.

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