Though they are exceptionally well-designed in pretty much every area, some of the biggest thrills in Insomniac’s Spider-Man games come when you unlock a new suit design. Insomniac put a ton of effort into the designs of both Spider-Man’s legacy suits and the new suit ideas they came up with that often feel right at home in the Spider-Verse. Of course, some are inevitably better than others.

Just note that for the purposes of this list, we will be judging these suits based entirely on looks. Furthermore, these rankings do account for color variants of these suits when applicable.

Spider-Man 2: Best Peter Parker Suits

Peter honestly didn’t get the best suits in Spider-Man 2, but there are a handful of outfits in the game that either offer something truly unique or tap into a timeless look.

5. Into The Spider-Verse Noir Suit

I mean…just look at that thing. The entire Spider Noir line is generally pretty cool, but they really nailed this suit’s almost cartoonishly sleek animation style. It looks fantastic in the shadows it’s clearly meant to operate in, but that rare trip into the light allows you to really appreciate its finer details.

4. Last Hunt Suit

One of Peter’s better original design suits in Spider-Man 2, Last Hunt is an obvious nod to Kraven the Hunter’s iconic look. While I tend to prefer some of the suits that have a little more “pop” to them, this is a pretty great way to integrate the Kraven look into the classic Spider-Man suit design style. Plus, it’s nice to see suits nod to villains that aren’t Venom. More on that later.

3. Spider-Punk Suit

A returning fan favorite, the entire Spider-Punk line is just…great. I’m partial to the denim variant due to its classic Spider-Man colors, but this is one of those suit styles that aims for a streetwear look and doesn’t miss the mark by trying to do way too much. Also, can someone get me a lead on some Spider-Man Converse?

2. Amazing 2 Suit

I’ve always loved The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit but hated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. As such, it’s great to be able to take this suit for a spin in a worthy Spider-Man adventure. It’s a largely classic design that has enough of that Raimi suit look in it to feel a touch more modern. Andrew Garfield has always deserved better, but his suit was indeed amazing.

1. Classic Black Suit

Some things are classic for a reason. While I do like the Spider-Man 3 variant Venom suit that is also in this game, you have to try pretty hard to beat that traditional Symbiote Spidey look. Also, check out this design’s white variant. That thing would have been a top suit contended all on its own.

Spider-Man 2: Worst Peter Parker Suits

Poor Peter. While I respect that Spider-Man 2‘s team took some big swings with some of Peter’s suits and reached deep into the character’s history for others, it’s fair to say that we ended up with quite a few misses.

5. 25th Century

I want to like this sci-fi suit much more than I do. As it is, it kind of looks like a Starfield suit that I’m desperate to replace. Nothing really goes together, the helmet effect doesn’t quite translate, and the boots feel like they were pulled from the first Google image search for “space shoes.”

4. Iron Spider Armor

I don’t know if I should love or hate the fact that the red variant of this suit is a dead ringer for Turbo Man from Jingle All the Way. Ultimately, I’ll concede that one is worth a laugh and that the rest of these really struggle to work around that incredible bright gold trim and generally bulky nature.

3. Arachknight Suit

“No cape” rules aside, this suit just has way too much going on. The pants feel pulled from an era of regrettable yearbook photos, there’s a militaristic bulkiness to the body that just doesn’t work, and the cowl/cape combo has that “we went to Party City on October 29th, and here is what was left” vibe. Just leave it at home, Pete.

2. Scarlet Spider Suit

This suit is certainly comic-accurate, but at what cost? That torn hoodie makes it look like Spider-Man is wearing a burlap sack because he got sent home from school for having lice. Remove it, and the rest of this suit is just…there.

1. Secret Wars Civil War Suit

Opinions will always vary, but I’m going to need to hear someone defend this suit. The top makes it look like Spider-Man is way too into paintball, and the bottom raises serious questions about Peter’s whereabouts on January 6th. Finally, the Pink variant’s pants look like they cost $700 at Dan Flashes.

Spider-Man 2: Best Miles Morales Suits

Miles was blessed with some truly inspired suit designs in Spider-Man 2. While it’s a shame to whittle that collection down to the top five, these looks really stand out.

5. King in Black Suit

Hitting that “’90s edge nostalgia” mark requires some incredible aim, but I think this suit manages to do just that. I love the concept, and I really love the detail that went into making the web design look like it’s trying to free itself from the rest of the outfit. Carnage indeed.

4. Across the Spider-Verse

All of the Spider-Verse suits are pretty great in one way or another, but I really love this design. It’s simple, the logo is fantastic, and it even produces that awesome film-accurate animation effect when you’re swinging around in it. It’s a testament to the quality of Miles’ suits that this isn’t the easy number one.

3. Best There Is Suit

Insomniac is obviously catering to the fans here (and nodding to their upcoming Wolverine game), but I really do love this suit design. Again, the red and the blue/black look strikes the best balance between Spider-Man and Wolverine, but that blue and yellow retro Wolverine look is just too tough to beat. That Wolverine game can not get here soon enough.

2. City Sounds Suit

Miles’ “Spiders and Dolls” look is an utterly fantastic concept that immediately stands apart from some considerable cosmetic competition. Remarkably, this suit becomes even better when you picture Spider-Man as an old-timey newspaper reporter trying to get that photo of the starlet and the industry tycoon for Ye Olde Daily Bugle. Miles even looks like a proper Boardwalk Empire gangster when he throws punches in this thing.

1. Smoke and Mirrors Suit

This original design really makes me wish we could get a whole line of suits inspired by various Spider-Man villains. It’s kind of hard to tell from photos, but the smoke effect on Spider-Man’s mask looks fantastic, and I really love the purple and green color scheme as well as that “White Ranger” variant. What an incredible idea for a suit.

Spider-Man 2: Worst Miles Morales Suits

There are very few truly bad Miles Morales suit designs in Spider-Man 2, but these certainly stand out from some otherwise excellent options.

5. Evolved Suit

To be fair, I do not hate this suit nearly as much as some people do. Having said that, I do understand where the criticisms are coming from. Miles’ decision to expose his haircut while protecting his identity is certainly a choice, and the whole “tech hoodie” look always sounds better than it looks. If I’m being nice, though, I do like the red, black, and sky blue colors.

4. 10th Anniversary Suit

In the world of Spider-Man, the 10th anniversary is apparently the crappy suit anniversary. I’m as fond of bad ’80s Halloween costumes as anyone, but I’m just not sure that’s the look we want to be going for when fighting crime. Shout-out to the Marty McFly 2016 Nikes, though.

3. Agimat Suit

While a top-tier option for anyone who wants to dress like a CPU, the Agimat Suit leaves much to be desired in every other area. I really have questions about those wrist rings that make it look like Miles is desperately seeking attention by performing bad magic tricks at a kid’s birthday party. The fact that is a premium DLC suit makes it that much worse.

2. Red Spectre Suit

The appropriately named Red Spectre Suit looks like the ghost of several other bad suit designs that joined forces to haunt anyone who dares drag this thing out of the game’s cosmetic collection. That symbol just looks painful to wear, and while I respect that Miles is wearing a mask in NYC (especially as we head into winter), I kindly ask that he stay six feet away for as long as he’s rocking this look.

1. The End

No Miles, I do not want to go to Burning Man with you. No Miles, we shouldn’t go to that underground Meatpacking District club to see Steve Aoki at 4 A.M. Yes Miles, I do know where to get Molly. No Miles, I will not buy you Molly.

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