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Lesley Manville has been acting onscreen for nearly half a century but, at the moment, she is arguably best known for a more recent picture, 2017’s Phantom Thread. So there’s something metatextually funny about her taking the lead role in Anthony Fabian‘s Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, another film set in the world of mid-twentieth century haute couture but this time with a much sunnier outlook. For what it’s worth, Fabian also (perhaps unintentionally) nods to a different 2010s arthouse masterpiece when an early scene of Mrs. Harris (Manville) furtively fondling her employer’s designer clothes recalls Personal Shopper; the outlook here is much sunnier than that one… Review

Also new to home video 9/6/22: Minions: The Rise of Gru, Halloween Kills, Happening

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The post New to Home Video 9/6/22 appeared first on Battleship Pretension.

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